Meet AlphAI

The robot that learns fast

Fascinating? Worrying? Meet AlphAI, the robots that provides a simple understanding of ''machine learning'' mechanisms, and demystifies the principles of Artificial Intelligence.

“Machine learning is the ability of a computer to learn and act accordingly without being explicitly programmed”. - Wikipedia

Teach Artificial Intelligence.

Why teaching A.I.

Because kids are / will be surrounded by Artifical Intelligence, it is essential that they understand what are its concepts.

As A.I. will be a tool vastly widespreaded around the globe, it's a new skill they will need to master, so they don't get affraid or reluctant. A.I. needs to be demystified.

As they will be exposed to A.I. they need to know what are the uses, limitations and dangers of A.I.

At the end, they will be the futur generation that will bring A.I. to a point we don't have knowledge yet.

What to teach

Taking source from neurosciences, Artificial Intelligence can teach a lot about our own learnings.

As students will learn how A.I. works, they will grasp on how their own brain is actually functionning.

Grasping on those concepts, they will learn to differenciate basic programming through instructions, to train and use existing models, and to design their own models.

How to teach

A cute little robot to catch their attention, an ergonomic interface, differentes levels of comprehension with antonomous exercices, let them discover at their own pace what Articial Intelligence is about.

Through a theorical course and many games and projects with alphai, they will not only learn how Artificial Intelligence actually works, but they also will comprehend their own behaviours.


Alphai's content.


A learning robot

A cool & cute robot, alphai, that catches the attention of both young and old. 

Running with Python on a Raspberry developpement board.

It is driven by an Artificial Intelligence developped by ourself, but it can also be driven by a student's software.

Differents sensors (camera, ultrasound, infra-red) can be used, and other sensors can be added.


An ergonomic interface

What better to understand than a visual interface to represent the heart of what machine learning is about: the robot's brain

From simple to complexe, just what it's needed to perfectly apprehend how Artificial Intelligence works and what's hiding behind its principles

Highly customisable, it's purpose is to make students confident about Articial Intelligence.

Modulable, it is a turnkey tool to apprehend and go deeper with the parts you are interested about.


A pedagogical program

A guide for the teacher, and a manual for the students

Alphai's features.

Introduction to A.I.

Alphai can be used to give 30 minutes to 2 hours introductions to A.I.
It is a nice way to to highlight machine learning inspiration from biology

See videos how alphai is capable of learning new things depending on its sensors and parameters.


Experimentations modifying algorithms parameters from the graphic interface.


Reprogramming in Python : sensors, scoring, decision making, learning variables, controls, functions, etc...


New project : Drive a new robot, drone, boat, ... Imagine something new !

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