Meet AlphaI, The little robot that learns fast.

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Learning Robots reveals to all audiences how Artificial Intelligence and neural networks work. From initiation through elementary manipulation to vocational training and high school programming.


What We Do.

Fascinating? Worrying? Meet AlphaI, the robots that provides a simple understanding of "machine learning" mechanisms and demystifies the underrated principles of AI.


We provide an ergonomic interface and we display the neural network where everything takes place!


Apprehend the concept of A.I. easily thanks to a refined design where the concept of A.I. has been laid flat so everyone can understand it!


We provide an ergonomic interface where students can easily tweak IA's parameters and change the robot's sensors to achieve differents results.


As you will learn more about A.I. you will be brought to dig deeper into deep learning algorithms, and conceive your own!


Meet our Learning Robot : AlphaI.

Based on a Raspberry developpement board, and various embedded sensors, AlphAI is the perfect cute little robot to be driven by an A.I.!


Teach A.I. to your students, you can adapt your speech to your audience along to the interface that can display either beginners or experts parameters

AlphAI :

The little robot that learn fast!


It is a great display of skills that need to be learned to be able to access this awesome tool!


How easy it is to learn A.I. everywhere you go!


Tweak A.I. parameters, access differents level of mastery of A.I.


Kids from all ages can interact with AlphAI and it's interface and are able to learn from it!


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